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Collateral Management

Collateral Management

At MAS our collateral management services ( CMS)  carefully verify the quantity and quality of your incoming goods during the warehousing process to help customers be aware of quality of their cargo. Our experienced and qualified team offer a flexible and innovative approach to collateral management, providing you with the highest standards of quality and integrity, ensuring smooth trades and transactions – across the globe.
As expert custodians on behalf of our customers we have overall control of their goods throughout their storage period and we control or follow up the goods throughout the supply chain, as well as facilitating additional credit risk management.
  • Ware house stock and inventory management.
  • Stock monitoring and measurement.
  • Warehouse inspections.
There are a number of stock monitoring types available that cater to your needs:
  • Periodic or continuous presence and monitoring.
  • Stock checks on quantity and quality of goods stored.
  • Inspections of warehouses and goods , controlling the quality of cargo.
  • Stock measurement of the cargo stored in different storage mains.
  • Full trade monitoring (imports/exports).
  • Tailor-made solutions to satisfy specific needs.


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